PPS in Gentlemen's Quarterly !?

PPS in Gentlemen's Quarterly !?

Published on by Andy Martin

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Frankly, this took us completely by surprise but somehow we've wound up featuring in May's GQ magazine.

It actually makes more sense than you might first think. The issue includes an Alastair Campbell interview with UKIP's Nigel Farage and an article on New Jersey governor Chris Christie, the straight-talking Republican tipped by many to become America's 45th president. It also happens to be the local and European elections on 22nd May.

So it turns out to be the perfect month for GQ to recommend the best apps for navigating your way around all things Westminster related. Here's what they say about the PPS Political Map app currently available in the App Store, 'Political Map (£2.49) Geographical guide to constituencies and political control at all levels plus (nerd alert!) biographies for every MP.'

Watch this space for the new interactive PPS political map, which will go live on or around 10th June. The new version will be completely free and available on all platforms.

To pre-order a printed wall map version of our political map email freemap@ppsgroup.co.uk including your name, postal address and number of copies required. These will be distributed at the end of June.

Andy Martin

Andy Martin about the author…

Andy is Managing Partner of Newgate Engage. He combines media relations expertise with a hard-nosed political background. Andy has been a Council, GLA and a former Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and previously worked in Parliament as a researcher for Don Foster MP. Andy remains politically active.

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