Local Election Results

Local Election Results

Published on by Andy Martin


Making a statement on the election results based only on local counts before the European results at the weekend is a little like calling a football result at half time. Risky at best. But there's no doubt that the only real winners are UKIP.

With over 4000 seats up for grabs - so far with just 100 for UKIP it isn't exactly an earthquake - but they scored well in many areas without campaigning hard. More interesting is. The comprehensive failure by Labour to capitalise on an unpopular coalition - it's unimaginable for the Party of opposition to be losing control (see Swindon and Thurrock as a case in point) with London yet to properly report, its going to be an interesting weekend for politicos.

Sunday (and the Euro count) will see UKIP smiles turn to raucous joy with proportional representation seeing vote share meaning something for a change.  However, I firmly believe this is a 'plague on all your houses' to the mainstream parties. A temporary clarion call of 'I agree with Nigel' ... The recognition that UKIP takes votes from all parties and makes political crystal ball gazing much harder.

Andy Martin

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Andy is Managing Partner of Newgate Engage. He combines media relations expertise with a hard-nosed political background. Andy has been a Council, GLA and a former Parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and previously worked in Parliament as a researcher for Don Foster MP. Andy remains politically active.

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